Amy Winehouse Tragic Hero

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In the land of fame, it is almost expected of you and your career to come to an abrupt end with much drama. Sadly, Amy Winehouse was no exception. As the outstanding musician she was, she was destined to face tragedy. As a woman who possessed traits that included pleasing others, helping others, facing enemies and allies, and then facing a tragedy, she now can, sadly, be considered as a modern tragic hero. A tragic hero is described exactly how it sounds, a person who has done something great like a hero, but also something tragic. A tragic hero may retain traits such as a know-it-all personality, an attitude that is unfit for the world which is changing around her, or even plain arrogance. In today’s world, a modern tragic hero’s tragedy…show more content…
Winehouse was a gorgeous and very talented musician of the early 2000s. She grew up in a normal household with a cab driver father and a pharmacist mother. The fame started when a friend submitted her tape to a record company. Amy was always a bit troubled, for example, she was expelled from her school, Sylvia Young Theatre School, for not applying herself and for piercing her nose at the age of sixteen. She had always been exposed to jazz music, from her family being involved in the industry as well. She started liking rap on her own in her childhood years; therefore her music is a mix of the two. (“Amy Winehouse Biography” Para 2-3).
As her career began to grow after her debut album, Frank, she often showed up to social events drunk and even drugged. During this time, she was in a very unstable relationship that involved drugs, alcohol, and abuse. By 2006, Winehouse was in desperate need of Rehab and help, but instead she wrote a hit about it. To only worsen her situation, the abusive couple got married in 2007. Blake, her now husband, was arrested for bribing a bartender of which he assaulted, and Amy was later arrested for supposedly interfering with his case. (“Amy Winehouse Biography” para
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