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Haley Hyder Shadden Cobb/Stout Ela/Social Studies 8 May 2017 Billy The Kid The life of Billy The Kid was short lived. He was chased by a sheriff with a $500 bounty on his head. He was known for lots of thefts,escapes,and shooting people. William H. Bonney born November 23,1859 to Catherine McCarty. William was better known as Billy The Kid, His father died shortly after their family moved to kansas. William was a honest 14-year old when his mother died in 1874 he became an orphan. William died at age 21 of a gunshot wound at Ft. Summer in New Mexico territory. According to Legends of America,”On December 15,1880,Governor Wallace, put a $500 reward on Billy’s head”. A sheriff named Pat Garrett and a group of friends and when out
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