Biochemical Activities of Microorganisms

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1. To determine biochemical activities of microorganisms.

2. To observe the product of biochemical activities of microorganisms.

3. To learn the skills of inoculation agar tubes and agar plates.


Microorganisms are able to carry out different biochemical activities with the ease of different enzymes. Each of these enzymes carries out one specific type of the chemical transformation. They convert substrates into product.

A) Carbohydrates Fermentation

Microorganisms utilize various carbohydrates as their source of energy. Different species of microorganisms breaking down different types of carbohydrates and produce various forms of products. This experiment is to test whether the microbes are fermentatively or
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The products formed by these enzymatic reactions may be measured. Different tests have been established such as test of carbohydrates fermentation, starch hydrolysis, gelatine hydrolysis, utilization of amino acids and catalase activity.

The first test of this experiment is the determination of oxidatively or fermentatively utilization of carbohydrates by E. coli and P.aeruginosa. Both microbes were each inoculated into two OF agar. The OF agar contains the desire sugar and brom thymol blue as the pH indicator. Brom thymol blue is purple at pH 6.8 and yellow at pH 5.2. One tube of each species was
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