Biography Of John F. Kennedy Essay

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The 1960 election was a close race between both candidates Republican Richard Nixon and Democrat John F. Kennedy. Nixon and Kennedy were polar- opposites when it came to politics and even their personalities were distinct. John F. Kennedy was young and charismatic whereas Nixon was more traditional with his ways of running his campaign. John F. Kennedy prevailed with his ability to manipulate the press and use his money in ways other candidates have never been able to do before. Born to Joe and Rose Kennedy, John was one of four sons that Joe mainly focused on to make sure his boys “excelled in academics and sports” ( Rorabaugh 39). John was a sickly child and was a bit shy and quiet (Rorabaugh 39). Joe Kennedy pushed his children to get into politics and eventually become president. After World War II, John Kennedy was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Later on, when Kennedy is running for president this hurts his campaign because people believe he is too weak and frugal . Joe Kennedy was determined to get his son in the White House, so he believed John needed to become a senator in order to able to eventually run for president. John had charm, but lacked organizational skills, so his brother Robert was his campaign manager. Kennedy ran against Henry Cabot Lodge in 1952 for senator in Massachusetts and won putting his foot in the door for possibly becoming president in the years to come. John F. Kennedy used his charm and charisma to achieve how he wanted the 1960
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