Biography Of Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin was born on December 21, 1879, originally named Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. He was born in a village known as Gori in the Russian province of Georgia. His father was a shoemaker, and a drunk. He left Gori when Stalin was young to find work in the city of Tiflis. With his father gone, Joseph's mother, Yekaterina, made the biggest impact on his life--it was she who led him in his education. Joseph started out at the local Gori Church School. After attending there, he went to the Tiflis Theological Seminary on a scholarship. Joseph’s mother hoped that at this school, he would learn to become a priest. Instead, Stalin became a devoted advocate for Marxist revolution.
After leaving the Seminary in 1899, he joined the Social …show more content…

A Provisional Government ruled Russia during the majority of 1917. They made plans for a democratically elected assembly. There were many complications within their ruling, along with the strain of continuing the war with Germany. These things were a few of many that led to Bolshevik coup in November of 1917. This new government was led by Lenin. It made peace with the Germans and took part in a bloody, three-year civil war, in which Stalin commanded on several fronts. The real hero of the conflict, however, was Leon Trotsky, a former Menshevik who organized the Red Army and guided the Bolsheviks to …show more content…

Stalin was elected General Secretary of the Party in 1922, and although he quickly began to increase his personal power, no one realized how dangerous he was at this time. As he neared a 1924 death, Lenin began to grow wary of his former protégé, and wrote a Testament warning against Stalin's influence. But the other members of the Politburo, Lenin's circle of advisers, ignored the Testament and allowed Stalin to remain in a position of power. At this point, Stalin began his rise to dominance by destroying his rival Trotsky, expelling him from the party in 1927 and exiling him from the Soviet Union in 1929. Meanwhile, he brilliantly played the Politburo's factions off one another, first allying with Nikolai Bukharin and his "Rightists" to destroy the "Leftists," and then, when his position was secure, turning on Bukharin and destroying his power. By 1930, he stood alone atop the Party and the Soviet

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