Biography Of Lillian Schwartz 's Work

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Motion graphics exist in the manner we know of today due in large part to the efforts of a

few particular people; those who wanted to push mediums beyond the surface and experimented

with colors, photographs and time-based art.1 Lillian Schwartz was one of those people and,

through her passion and efforts, she became a very important contributor to motion graphics. Her

past plays a huge role in how she started, why her art is influential and how she got to where she

is now. She once said, “Artists today cannot escape technology; we are surrounded by these new

tools which influence the way we work and live.”2 She speaks the truth, and we owe it all to the

people like her.

Lillian Schwartz Early Life

Lillian Schwartz was born in 1927 into a large family; the 12th of 13 children. In an

interview conducted in 2014, Ms. Schwartz stated that her childhood played a huge role in her

creative process. She spoke of how her mother required each of the children to be involved with,

and to study, either art or music. Her mother promoted a very relaxed upbringing and encouraged

her children’s creativity, going so far as to allow Ms. Schwartz and her siblings to draw on

almost all of the surfaces in and around the house including the walls, the floors and the

sidewalks outside. Ms. Schwartz said that because of the freedom she was given growing up, her

artwork and creative process was…
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