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Physiologist is just one of the many titles earned by Ivan Pavlov. His unique background influenced his career greatly. Throughout his life he had many remarkable accomplishments. From dog treats to nerves of the heart, his experiments produced many useful conclusions. Also, his awards and leading positions emphasize his contributions to the many fields of science. Although he focused mostly in physiology, his studies have affected many realms of science, including psychology, and still prove accurate today. On September 14, 1849, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born into a religious family in Ryazan, Russia. Having a priest as a father and a daughter of a priest as a mother affected Pavlov greatly. Ivan was the oldest and healthiest of his 10 …show more content…

In 1870, he began college at the University of St. Petersburg. According to Lautenheiser, Pavlov’s professor Cyon inspired Pavlov to become a physiologist there. She also said that Pavlov began work as a laboratory assistant, earning a mere 50 rubles per month (Lautenheiser). In 1875, Pavlov graduated from the University of St. Petersburg and received the Candidate of Natural Sciences. Next, he enrolled in the Imperial Medical Academy, which he graduated from in 1879. Overall, Pavlov’s educational background shows how diligent he is in his work and stresses his will to succeed. Pavlov also had a very interesting family life. In 1881, he married Seraphima “Sera” Vasilievna Karchevskaya. Like in his childhood, money was an issue for Pavlov and Sera. According to, these financial issues led to Pavlov and Sera living separately until their finances stabilized (Ivan). Their first child, Wirchik, died as a young child, but they ended up having three more sons and a daughter. Interestingly, the couple named each of their children, after Wirchik’s death, with a “v” name: Vladimir, Victor, Vsevolod, and Vera. As his father did, Vsevolod worked hard and became a well-known physicist and professor at Leningrad (Peterson). In summary, Pavlov's family life is just one of the many aspects of his unique life. In 1880, Pavlov began his further study and research at the Imperial Academy. By 1883, he had discovered dynamic nerves of

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