Biologica Biological Influences

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The person and their gender have something to do with their behavior later in life. Psychoanalytic theory is dealing with the person personality organization and it deal with the dynamics of that person personality that deal with development. System perspective is give account of that person behavior it is dealing with their mental status and it also deal with the environment that surround that person. How a the person and their gender determine certain behavior in life here are some type of behavior a person is experience because who they are and their gender, that could be deal with certain behavior such as , “ excessive food intake, sexual activities, romantic relationships, gambling, Internet use, shopping, and exercise “(). These certain behavior have the person look at and because of their certain behavior they might be stereotype. In chapter 12 Gender and Sexuality has mention that different , “many different factors involved in the developmentof the self and the formation of personality” (R.A.Mossler& M.Ziegler,2016).

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