Biological, Ethnic, And Cultural Characteristics Of My Family

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Being a part of something bigger than yourself makes an individual feel important and valuable. This can be anything from participating in a musical or making a difference through volunteering. Another thing that makes a person feel important is an individual's background. Each of us come from a different location and a unique upbringing. Biological, ethnic, and cultural characteristics make us who we are today.
My close family has never been aware of our cultural history. Speaking to my mother, it sounds we have lost our way. Nobody ever spoke about where they came or the traditions from their ancestors. My family often creates their own traditions and lose track of our heritage and the traditions that have been passed down.
My family is humungous. I have heard stories about family members that I have never met. I hear names and cannot match it to a face. It is complicated. Most of my Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents have had many kids with a few different people. Because of this I have many cousins and knowing who their biological family is, is confusing. My mother has many last names because she was adopted and married. She also was a foster child in her early years. She never felt that she had a real family and therefore never knew much about our relatives, let alone our family history.
I have never been close to my aunts, uncles, cousins, my biological father or my grandparents. I, as well as my mother and younger brother, were disowned when I was young. I spent my

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