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Planting – (10 minutes)
Once each student has received their materials, have the students take the first cup of soil and the seeds in the plastic cup. Remind them these are their seeds and they are going to plant them how they think they would survive. As the students are planting their seeds, walk around and see how they are doing. If a student looks confused and is unsure how to plant their seeds, it might be a good idea to go back to The Tiny Seed and let students refresh their memory.

Once all the students have finished planting their first seeds, have the students take one of the popsicle sticks and write “seeds” on it. This will help the students to remember this cup is holding the seeds that are not in the plastic bag.

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Teacher: “Would someone like to share with us what they drew for their cup that has only the seeds in it?”
Anticipated Student Response: “I drew just a cup with dirt, because right now my seeds are under the dirt so you really can’t see them.”
Teacher: “Very good. Would someone like to add on to what ________ said?” (Adding On)
Anticipated Student Response: “Well I did the same thing, but when I planted my seeds that were in a bag, the bag was still kind of sticking out of the dirt so I drew my bag sticking out a little bit.”
Teacher: “Very good. I love how you drew the details that you saw.”

Once the students have finished responding in their journal, have them put their journal away and take both of their cups back to the back counter where they will stay for the remainder of the experiment time. Teacher: “Do you think this is a good spot to put our seeds to grow?” [S-1] Anticipated Student Response: “Yes” Teacher: “Can you tell me why?” (Probing) Anticipated Student Response: “Because they are right by the window so they will get a lot of light from the sun.”
Teacher: “Oh I like that idea. Do you think that we need to do anything else to our seeds before we let them sit and grow for awhile? Anticipated Student Response: “Yes! We need to water them.” Teacher: “You are right! We do need to water them.”
Have the students take the cup of water in the back sink and pour water onto both
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