Biomedical Science Personal Statement

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I am interested in all the intricate details of the human body from the organ systems to the individual cells that make up these systems. It truly mesmerizes me how each and every cell plays a part into allowing the human body to function and survive. With an aptitude for science and an interest in working in a clinical environment I yearn to study Biomedical Science at university.
I enjoy doing independent research in Biology, and the A level has enabled me to increase my knowledge in a range of topics, that are relevant to Biomedical Science. My study has particularly captivated my interest in immunology and cell structure and I look forward to studying these modules during the course.
A career that enables me to use my passion and interest in biological science to serve others is my ultimate goal. Biomedical science leads to many careers that will allow me to achieve this, but from the moment I heard about stem cell research I was certain that it was the pathway I …show more content…

Maths has enhanced my problem solving abilities and taught me how to process and analyse data. These skills will be crucial for studying Biomedical Science.
Working part-time and volunteering at a charity shop for six months has given me the opportunity to develop my communication and team working skills; in addition this balancing of extracurricular commitments with my study has ensured that I am well organised and manage my time efficiently.
Music supports my study as I find that this is a great way to relax. I play musical instruments (piano, bass guitar and the drum kit) as well as compose my own music. I also play football and exercise at the gym. Studying whilst balancing these pastimes, I believe requires a high level of commitment and I wish to carry on with these extracurricular activities during my university

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