Bipolar, A State Of Sadness, And Mania

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Shifts of moods and behaviors are normal but when exceeding the time frame of when those shifts last it can cause a disorder. A disorder known as Bipolar. Bipolar is concluded to be alternating periods of depression and mania. Depression, being, a state of sadness, and mania, a state of high energy in which a person seems capable of taking over the world. These symptoms of bipolar ultimately lead to the question of what causes people to be in depressed or manic. Can a time of mania ultimately cause a person to act in a criminal way and be the link to becoming a criminal? As well as already being labeled a “criminal” in the government system but have the disorder and not being able to reverse the label. Other mood disorders can have an impact of the prevalence of having bipolar in adulthood, while being an adolescent. Disorders like these occur in special regions of the brain, and therefore, the structure of the brain is involved with distinguishing such disorders. In more depth, research has been done to find the linkage of criminal offending, early risk factors for adolescence, and brain structure within like disorders. People have the ability to become criminals voluntarily, but having such a disorder, like bipolar, can unjust the significance of become one, involuntarily. In a research by Elizabeth Daff and Stuart D. M. Thomas, titled, Bipolar disorder and criminal offending: a data linkage study, summarizes how bipolar can induce a higher risk of being in…

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