Birchbox Marketing Strategy

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Pick a company that is a Giant in its category. What marketing tools would you use to help you slay this Giant? Why would these give your brand a competitive advantage?

Birchbox is a company that distributes make up boxes for a monthly fee. In the box there are five or six beauty samples from different companies that are supposed to entice the consumers to purchase the products from the Birchbox website. The products range from self-tanner, to dry shampoo, and more.
As an eternal fan of the underdog, the story of David and Goliath is one of my favorites. In the video interview with Malcolm Gladwell, Gladwell totally ruined that for me, but he made great points about David having advantages that were not obvious. When he breaks down the
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As a competitor on a smaller scale, my biggest asset would be listening to our consumers and responding quickly, and asking them what they hated and didn’t want back, along with what samples they could not live without. By flooding social media with interactions and other forms of engagement, we would appear larger than we are. We are nimble, and could provide momentary flash sales for items that are popular only, on a weekly or biweekly basis. That ability to focus on consumer needs, along with trying new things on both end of the spectrum or exotic brands, is what would set us apart form Birchbox, or things in the like.
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