Birds Are Very Successful Essay

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Birds are a group of animal which consist of many species, all of which play various roles in several ecological niches. Birds are considered ‘biologically successful’ due in fact to the number of species present. Currently, there are approximately 10,000 species of birds, which is almost double the amount of species of mammals or amphibians. The differences which separate birds from mammals and make them more successful are the presence of large yolked eggs, which support the offspring until birth, and the absence of lactation which allows for greater energy usage and efficiency. Birds have developed these adaptations over the course of thousands of years. Additionally, birds are considered ‘biologically successful’ due to the fact that they are found on almost every continent on Earth. Examples include several species of birds in the forests of North and South America and Asia, several species of birds in the cities of Europe, and the flocks of the presence of ostriches and various other birds in the planes of Africa and Australia, and very notably, the existence of penguins in…show more content…
These include body shape, presence of feathers, structure of the skeleton, structure of the limbs, make-up of the respiratory system, and high metabolism. Birds have small, light, and condensed body forms when compared to other animals. Their anatomical mapping of their organs and muscles, show that these are located nearest to the center of gravity, which provides better balance during flight. Also, the presence and scheme of their feathers, which are contour, allow for the body to be covered tightly. This makes it streamline and somewhat reduces the effect experienced by drag. Primary feathers are on the wings help in flight and also provide wing shape, while Down feathers are soft and act as insulation. Tail feathers stretch sideways so that tail can be used by the bird to turn and
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