Essay about Birth Defect: Cerebral Palsy

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Imagine the pain parents feel after getting the bad news that there child is affected by a birth defect. Many parents have to go through this situation in which is not an easy roller-coaster to be on. Many different birth defects are out there in the world and some are more dangerous than others. Studies today prove that birth defects affect 1 in 33 babies every year and cause 1 in 5 infant’s deaths. (National Center on Birth Defects) According to the American Heritage Dictionary, birth defect is a physiological or structural abnormality that develops at or before birth and is present at the time of birth especially as a result of faulty development, infection, or injury. (Harcourt) One out of the many birth defects in the world is …show more content…

One of the main signs that a child may have is a delay reaching the motor or movement milestones. (National Center on Birth Defects) Cerebral Palsy is often caused by radiation, low oxygen levels, or infections while the child is still in the mother’s uterus or being born. Doctors have stated that there is no identifiable gene pattern that has been laid out for this birth defect. Since this was confirmed doctors believe that Cerebral Palsy is not classified as a genetic disease, but they are not a hundred percent on it. This birth defect has affected the child’s life from being as normal as any other kid out there in the world, but manly it has affected their families. Their families have to be more careful with their child then every before. Having to come together to support, solve their overall problems and help with treatments and therapy. Families have to spend a big amount of their time and money towards the child. Sometimes these kinds of problems can affect the relationship of the parents and siblings; causing fights, divorces and hiding in the wrong paths. To continue, there are different visual aspects that a child may have when being affected by Cerebral Palsy. Children with this birth defect may have abnormal sensations, seizures at any moment, mental retardation and many other aspects. This could cause a child to lose sight, hearing, and verbal speech and even have problems with their eyes causing them to have oculomotor problems.

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