Birth Experience for the Father

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Having a child is both an exciting and significant time in a family’s life. The birth experience of the father can vary from culture to culture and is an important time in both the child’s and the Father’s lives. A lot of new fathers can often be scared or intimidated by being present during the physical birth of the child. It is said that if a father feels scared, or stressed before or during labor that he should not be present during birth because he may transfer feelings to his spouse and further difficult the labor process(Odent,1999, Midwifery Today Int Midwife). According to a study (Singh and Newburn,2000) 96% of newborn babies in the UK had the father present while birth was given, which Would suggest that majority of the time the father felt the need to be present during birth in industrialized western countries. In Nazareth, Israel, a study was done on first time fathers and their personal experiences and feelings towards being present at birth of their children (Shibli-Kometiani, 2012). Traditionally, fathers are rarely or never present during childbirth in Israeli culture, so this is a relatively new cultural change. It seems that the presence of fear and uncertainty is a common theme in studies relating to fathers and childbirth, which is understandable, having a child is a monumental event in any person’s life. In this study especially, it was found that almost all of the men observed showed signs of fear and anxiety, which affected the support they

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