Black On Black And Black Crime

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Black on Black crime, has always existed, just like any other group that commits crimes among each other. Wouldn 't it make sense that if black people live around other black people in "black neighborhoods", that they would most likely kill other black people? Doesn 't take a rocket scientist. Similar to how white people have a high rate of killing other whites because often, they live in, you guessed it, outside the hood, and inside their own white neighborhoods. The News continues to report that Black on Black crime is at an all time high, but how legit are the facts to this broadcasting, really?

jim crowAlthough Media reports that blacks commit most of the violent crimes, the center that collects and research statistics shows in fact that black on black murder crimes has decreased significantly since the early 90 's and is in fact by great numbers below whites when it comes down to violent crimes being committed. The whole black on black crime is a political strategy, a gimmick and propaganda used by the Illuminati/Bohemian Media elites to control people thoughts using media mind control. Most people, whether White, Black, Asian and Latino all have an idea, a mindset of who a criminal is and usually always the stereotypes of a criminal is associated to Black People. In America, Black people are 30-40% more likely to be exploited by the New World Order Society through a wide range of media outlets;commercials, movies, shows, reality shows, and music internationally. The

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