Black Secret Technology Essay

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Ben Williams’ essay, “Black Secret Technology” and the Documentary High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music help us to understand the inner-city collapse of the 1980s and 1990s, by leading with the main reason Detroit’s growing economy took a hit and fell so fast from the booming automotive metropolitan to something only scene in sci-fi films of cities after some type of post-apocalyptic occurrence. This had a lot to do with globalization or as the William’s article puts it, “global capitalism”, of automotive jobs being sent over to different countries, because it was cheaper to do so. Between 1978 and 1982, automotive employment was down and was averaging only 17 percent. The documentary spoke of the government having a heavy hand in the reason for “white flight” and those coming back from war given money to move out of Detroit and into the suburbs causing legalized segregation. The documentary also spoke of the recession in the 80s taking a toll on Detroit as well as the oil embargo from the 1970s still having an affect on the city’s economy.
I think even though it wasn’t stated clearly that this may have been one of the many social issues that Detroit Techno illuminated, but the fact that these musicians and their music were as popular outside of Detroit more so than in Detroit has a lot to do with the lack of resources and no real tax base that places in European countries had in their clubs and bars. Derrick May, the …show more content…

No companies were putting money into Detroit itself, when just some time ago there was a real technological base there when the automotive industry was transitioning in that direction. The film also had a part where it speaks a bit

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