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For this essay, I have chosen a Warner Bros production film called `Blade'. In this essay I will discuss the Mise-En-Scene, Sound, Editing, Special effects, camera angle, shot, movement and position.

The Film, as I have stated before is from Warner Bros productions. Basically the Film is about a man who is a vampire hunter. He detests vampires because before he was born his mother was bitten by a vampire. She was rushed to the hospital her water broke and she gave birth to Blade. Unfortunately while she was giving birth she died shortly after.

After that day Blade had decided to make it his mission in life to extinguish vampires from the face of the earth. While he was on his mission he discovered a man (whistler) who wanted …show more content…

He does not allow her entry but she shouts to him and says, "Protestus".

Which appears to be some native tongue meaning that she has a partner with her to enter the club?

He pushes the black door and it slowly opens. In this scene a lot of care has been taken to shoot it. When the door is pushed open the camera angle is changed it goes from the couple on to the door zooming in to have a peek first.

Then it is like time slows time once the camera has come near the door and you can hear music in the background which slowly starts getting louder and louder. The scene changes again showing people dancing and having a good time.

The Mise-En-Scene in this part of the film is pretty much the same. All the actors and actresses have got the same sort of dress code which is jeans, shirts and pants.

The lighting in this scene is incredible and very fast. There are lights flickering and music is on loud. This creates hype in the shot. The scenes keep on changing in this scene sometimes showing people dancing men and women. Then sometimes through editing people are shown in slow motion and then brought back to normal. The camera really focuses on there body movement and positioning of the people.

The prostitute goes and starts dancing with another girl so the client tries to approach them and have a bit of fun as well but he is pushed aside. When he is walking past people that are dancing he gets strange looks

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