Blake's Behavioral Study

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Blake M. was the subject of this behavioral study. Over the course of four days, I watched him during class and wrote it down. This included clothes, hair, how he was sitting, if he moved often, and many other things. Then, I interpreted my observations and came up with some theories about his behavior.
DAY 1 He showed up to class on time, and was one of the first ten students to show up. He might believe that being punctual is an important life skill. He might also have a class close by and just comes from that class for convenience. Blake would give all of his attention to Mr. Nelson when he would be talking or explaining something. This shows that he cares about learning that information for the test or because he likes psychology. I assume
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Since it was the day of the test, he spent most of his time studying. Blake studied by reading his textbook and his notes. He also does not seem to be frantically studying, trying to memorize everything minutes before the test. Those two examples strengthen the point made about him being a decent student and caring about his grades. Since he was studying from notes, that means he takes good and informative notes. His writing tool of choice was a pencil for this class. He probably knows that he will make mistakes and does not want pen scribble marks all over his paper. He might like his papers to look neat and…show more content…
He wore a flannel and dark wash jeans. He probably is not a person who loves fashion or pays attention to what is in season. He wants to be comfortable and if he likes the outfit, that is all that matters to him. Perhaps he does not care what people think of him, in a fashion sense at least. Blake had a new pack of pencils on his desk in the beginning of class. This shows that he likes to be prepared. Perhaps, he is a person who plans everything out ahead of time to avoid hassle. A couple of times he played with his hair in class. That was a new action that day, perhaps he was a little insecure about his hair that day. Blake had a tendency to sit sideways in his chair and he leans forward on his elbows. This backs up the inference made about him wanting to be comfortable. Maybe he does not like to sit up straight or is not crazy about his posture. Later in class, he sat with his head on his left hand, but his flannel shirt was in his hand as well. He was probably tired or bored. and perhaps likes the smell of his shirt since how he was sitting looked like he was smelling his
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