Bronfenbrenner's Essentials Of Human Behavior

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According to Gardiner and Kosmitzki (2008), most recently the ecological perspective has become a leading approach towards addressing the relationships among persons and environment. In Essentials of Human Behavior, Hutchinson (2013) uses a multidimensional approach to better understand social work practice. Using this approach, one can analyze the connection between a client’s person, such as psychologically or biologically, a client’s environment, such as families or communities, and a client’s time, such as their linear time in past, present, or future. Specifically analyzing the environmental component, Uri Bronfenbrenner’s (1999) ecological perspective identifies four levels of systems a client may be associated with: microsystems, mesosystems, exosystems, and macrosystems. During the placement at Lackawanna County Adult Probation and Parole Department, much opportunity was awarded to apply the ecological perspective on many of the offenders or clients. One particular example was a young woman, Katelyn (alias). When evaluating Katelyn’s using ecological perspective as a theoretical approach, we will be applying Bronfenbrenner’s four levels of systems (1999). First, one can identify Katelyn’s many different microsystems including: her mother, counselor, probation officer, peers, etc. This level of interaction is potentially the most influential level because these individuals have direct face-to-face, frequent contact with Katelyn. Katelyn’s second level, her

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