Blanche Dubois

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In this play, the central character is Blanche Dubois, a refined, delicate, and sensitive woman. She is cultured and intelligent. Blanche seems to be such a delicate flower, but her past tells a different story that no one is aware of. She loses the family home, Belle Reve, during some financial strain. She arrives to live with her sister, Stella in New Orleans, but she does not give the real reason why she is out of her teaching job back in Mississippi. One curious thing about Blanche is, she tells "what ought to be truth”, but cannot call bring herself to call it lies. Blanche’s sister, Stella, who is married and lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Although they had the same upbringing, she has laid aside her cultured upbringing in order to enjoy love with her “common” husband as her sister Blanche likes to call …show more content…

Stanley and Blanche begin their relationship at odds with each other because each despises each other’s worlds, which puts Stella in the middle to bridge the gap of elite their upbringing with the gritty nature present in Stanley’s world, for which Mitch is also a part

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