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Case Study Datavast Inc. By Winston Hao Blandin Adalid Princ. of Marketing Dr. Moses. Executive Summary Winston Hao, the owner of Datavast Inc., is operating at a loss and needs to find out a way to be profitable this year. Datavast Inc. sells Data Security Boxes to big and small companies in China who are new to the concept of cloud storage. Winston Hao needs to dial in his target market, but the real issue is not enough sales. Hao is certain to segment to try to emphasis deep in order for him to build up his company. One of the issues that affect Datavast would be that either the market is behind in data storage or none at all. It’s also in lack of protection to face bankruptcy. Hao wants to target either small companies…show more content…
The other target Hao is looking into is Large-companies. Large-companies would not buy Hao’s products constantly and allowed much higher unit contributions. The larger businesses would always stick to the same supplier and want the same solution. Another reason Datavast wasn’t growing was because not many companies new about the many products Hao provided. Because of China businesses feared data leakage, bankruptcy and exposing their data, companies didn’t trust anyone with storing their company information with providers. Data Analysis and Alternatives Analysis Winston Hao is the founder of the company Datavast Inc. Hao had several decisions to make for his business. Even though, Hao had already made numerous adjustments to his original product, he still didn’t know to whom he was going to distribute his new product. His main targets were small-to-medium enterprise or larger companies. Five years ago Hao worked hard in building his company and designing the cloud storage product. The purpose was to offer their services not only to North America but also moving into China. Datavast partnered with China Telecom hoping it would give them credibility. Datavast needs to decide if it would be a good idea to sell to small-to-medium enterprise (SME’s), but the companies knows that if they sell to SME’s they will be facing several challenges. For example most of SME’s

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