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It is the year 2513, fifty years after we have evolved into a dystopian land. There are no longer countries or states, only the capital and other land. The capital is based on what used to be known as the European continent. Years ago, in the times the superiors loathe, the worlds’ population was focused primarily on beauty. No one ever paid attention to what they should have, only on appearance. But fifty years ago, the superiors came into action. They completely overruled everyone, gaining much notoriety. New mandates were made to change things. The main rule, though, is the one that says each individual must be made legally blind at the age of eighteen years. From the very beginning, the elite class has sewn together the lesser …show more content…

She thought about how seldom it is for women to be allowed to do what they request, but are sent to be things like child-bearers. She had always feared this job, ever since she was a child when her grandmother would tell her stories of how she was made to have at least ten children and at most twenty, yet she was not allowed to keep one. Every child born is sent home with a random family, to be treated as if the child was actually theirs. Though all of the news was deeply saddening, the date at the bottom scarred her the most. In only two days she would have to go into the prepping room before having her eyes sewn shut by a surgeon. As the next day went by, she enjoyed everything she could see, taking in memories of what everything looked like. What she once took as a normal thing felt like a blessing to her. She spent every last second with a family member or Shaggy. When the day came, she refused to let it happen. At three in the morning she packed a bag and ran to Shaggy’s house. He was packed as well and they left. They ran far into the unfathomed land before finding food and shelter for the night. Veronica thought that this would be the rest of her life, but Shaggy had other plans. Veronica was awoken by the sound of heavy feet on dry leaves. She opened her eyes to see the back of Shaggy. After trying to stand several times she realized that

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