Blockbuster Organization Change

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Blockbuster’s Blocks Get Busted By: Jordan Thacker INTRODUCTION: Have you or someone you know ever been replaced or laid-off from a job due to a downsizing? With technology becoming ever popular in today’s world chances are your answer to that question is YES. If you, yourself, have not been replaced there is a very high possibility that someone you have become acquainted with over the years has been. In this age of rapidly advancing technology, humans just simply are not needed to complete certain jobs as they have been in the past. Of course, there are still jobs available that a machine just simply cannot do but most jobs have since succumbed to modern technology and …show more content…

ANALYSIS: Blockbuster’s restructuring of the company under its new owners shows how they were open to organizational change. The text describes organizational change as the movement of an organization from one state of affairs to another. Blockbuster completely changed their strategy and technology in order to compete with the new technology based companies that put them in this position in the first place. Simply put, no one visited the stores to rent movies when they could just turn on their television to order on-demand showings for the exact same price without leaving their home or grab a couple movies for a dollar apiece while grocery shopping. If they did not change they were sure to fail as a business and the company would disappear into the long list of companies that failed in the economic recession. The change was forced by other companies’ utilization of technology that caused a drastic change in the market conditions. This shift enabled the cheaper, more convenient home entertainment to steal a huge chunk of market share from Blockbuster’s traditionally structured company. Blockbuster enjoyed a long period on top of the movie rental/ home entertainment industry and this could possibly be what caused the success of these newer

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