Blumhardt.Session1. Journal. 1. Session1 Journal Reflective

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Blumhardt.Session1. Journal
Session1 Journal Reflective Paper Writing Assessment
Nakeesha Blumhardt
Colorado Christian University

Blumhardt.Session1. Journal
Session1 Journal Reflective Paper Writing Assessment
While attending Colorado Christian University, also known as CCU to most scholars and staff alike my academic goal is to finish my degree program from the beginning to the end. I plan to dedicate myself to not only finishing my degree here with CCU but also using the invaluable knowledge and skills I gain from my classes to both my professional and personal life. I have frequently felt that I was unable to get to certain levels in life due to my lack of education. This did not become more apparent to me until the latter part of
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Blumhardt.Session1. Journal
My family and I moved to this area so that I could go to a certain school that I will not name. After completing all the requirements to get into the school, I was still not enrolled. I had financing secured, transcripts evaluated and submitted and still nothing. The school was so backed up with processing applications that they never reviewed my information in its entirety. So, the deadline date to enroll would come and go. At that point, with a whole semester off, I decided I would get a job until everything had been worked out.
I had placed several résumés out on the web for positions I knew I qualified for or was overqualified for just so I could work or so I thought. After receiving my first two rejection letters I began to question myself and see if someone was wrong with my resume.
I had career training on it from several professional courses but no formal college education. I then went to a labor advisor to have my résumé reviewed. The advisor told me in so many words that although I had several years of experience and a good background my lack of formal education was hurting me. He also informed me that the positions I applied for would not be interested in me because I didn’t have a degree. This basically meant that I would be starting from the bottom all over again at an entry level position if they wanted to train me. I couldn’t believe what he was saying, even in my heart, I knew that it was true.
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