Esstp Personal Reflection

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Upon graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I went into a dark hole in my life. I was suffering from a slight depression, I was unemployed and I felt like my life was going backwards instead of going forward. Into my fifth month of unemployment, I landed a part-time job as a special education specialist helping students on the spectrum with their academics. While my time there, I got the opportunity to learn about the various ways students on the spectrum get assess and how it is presented to the district officials. Onto the fifth month, I saw that my stabilizing income was not enough. I mentioned this struggle to one of my friends and he asked me if I would be interested in working in a warehouse for a logistic company. I had to take some time…show more content…
When I received my type, ESTP, I was somewhat surprised because some of the personality traits I had never paid attention to. According to the various research on ESTP type personality, we tend to notice the small things that occur in our environment. Some of the notable strengths of ESTP are bold, rational, original and sociable. I was interesting to see bold as one of my strengths because as previous mentioned, I was far from bold when I graduated college. However, I believe what increased my boldness was being able to gain the various professional work experiences before becoming a college adviser. In addition, I knew I was sociable but when I read a description that mention that it comes naturally to ESTP type individuals, I was in awe. Growing up, I always lived in some type of apartment complex and was always around people, so I believe being social grew on me. Till this day, I find that I work better if there are other people around me. On the other side of the spectrum, some of the weaknesses about my personality type are being impatient, unstructured and defiant. Out of the three, the one that resonates the most with me is being impatient. Even though I have learned to be patient, there have been situations where my impatience caused others to get angry at me. The way I learned to combat my impatience was to practice some mindful techniques. It has taught me breathing…show more content…
After my training, I got placed at Millikan High school in Long Beach, CA and was overseeing a senior class of 850 seniors. In addition to having such a large senior class, I was in an interesting position compared to my colleagues. When I was given the keys to the college center, I was told I would be the one running the show. My other colleagues had someone who oversaw the college center, however, in my case I was the one who would be in charge of all college-related aspects. I had to quickly learn how to manage the center in order to create a positive experience for the students who walk in. When looking at my personality traits, my originality kicked in because I had to create events and workshops from the ground up. In addition, this entailed of being strategic on how to attract students to enter the college center. Some the techniques I used were entering the senior classes and having them subscribe to a text message server and also having flyers with images of current pop culture
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