Bmw Case Study Analysis Essay

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BMW Case Study Analysis

BMW is preparing to enter another “era” called “post-just-in-time” manufacturing. The idea driving this new era is a new focus on the importance of suppliers of BMW.
This focus is designed to make ordering BMWs as easy as possible for new BMW owners. This plan involves everything from redesigning the body shop in the South Carolina plant to tools ordering for dealerships. The body shop changes involve redesigning car models such that, differences in body structures is minimal.
Other changes involve the manner in which VIN numbers are assigned such that customers have more time to make changes to their orders and add production flexibility. European dealerships are using a new streamlined computer ordering
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Additionally, BMW believes that improved accuracy at the manufacturing level will lead to a better supplier-base. Reducing the variations between models leaving the plant will speed also production.
There are several measurements for BMW’s supply chain performance. The first is customer order accuracy. BMW will need to measure, possibly using a survey, whether or not customers are getting what they ordered. This should not be very difficult. They simply ask the customer if they got what they ordered and the customer replies with a yes or a no. If no, then BMW can take further steps to determine where the inaccuracy occurred and take steps to prevent further inaccuracies. The second way in which BMW can measure their supply chain performance is the speed at which cars exit the plants. The more cars, obviously, the better the production speed. However, BMW will need to couple this measurement with accuracy measurements. Fast production is not of much use if 50 percent of the cars are not what the customer ordered. A third measurement is what this supply chain change is all about. Suppliers will need to give positive feedback on how BMW’s changes are truly working. If suppliers cannot keep up with BMW’s schedule, then problems will arise. If
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