Bmw Potential International Opportunities And Ideas For A Worldwide Strategy

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This is research on BMW potential international opportunities and ideas for a worldwide strategy. The paper present multiple methods BMW should develop globally. To keep and improve the advanced global strategical market segments, BMW needs to develop new transportation ideas for existing markets and increase car consumption in countries developing economic strength. Potential international opportunities To take a full advantage in global scale competition, BMW should use to full potential all the motivators from the other countries. For instance, the joint ventures with other interconnected companies should provide the new solid business developing platforms that include: Incentives 1. Extension of the product’s life cycle, gaining access to natural resources, to integrate operations on a global scale, implement rapidly developing technologies, and access to consumers in emerging markets (Hitt, 2016). a. BMW is already global company. It means that the company already used savings on production or labor. It is time to reach new customers. People are the major potential resource; they bring profit, strengthen the brand, and provide potential to convert more competitor clients. The major necessary resources, for most promising new markets of autonomous and electric vehicles, are the electrical components, software, and external mapping support. The major internal components for car hardware are made of aluminum and cast iron, with potential to be more plastic, or even build

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