Bodrov Vs. The Secret History Of The Mongols

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BODROV VS. THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE MONGOLS: Accurate Portrayals versus Creative License Sergei Bodrov, in an attempt to create a portrayal of the Chinggis Khan, missed important facts about the story of his rise to power. In his movie, Mongol, he fails to bring to light some important events in the early life of Temüjin. Where many experts may see this as an inaccurate and faulty portrayal of Chinggis Khan, Bodrov captures the Khan’s likeness in Mongol. To understand what Bodrov did correctly, it is important to reference articles or texts about Chinggis Khan from accounts of individuals who were living during his reign. Although Chinggis Khan’s empire was grand there are few accounts of his rise to power that were written in the time period that he reigned. The Secret History of the Mongols: A Mongolian Epic Chronicle of the Thirteenth Century (SHM) is one of the few accounts remaining and would serve as an adapt article to compare Sergei Bodrov’s Mongol because it was written by an unknown individual in the 13th century. Although Bodrov’s Mongol, adjust historical facts, he maintains the valuable lessons and themes from the rise to power of Chinggis Khan. Although the movie boasts many inaccuracies, the spectator is able to appreciate the popularity of Chinggis Khan from the people of the 12th century. As a critical reference to the period in which Chinggis Khan reigned, SHM will provide the necessary evidence to prove that Bodrov’s Mongol deserves credit for

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