Body Hair

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tension has formulated the idea that larger lips and broader noses are more animalistic and unattractive. It has not been until more recently that fuller lips were sexualized and perceived to be more feminine. Due to this women and men began buying lip fillers and plumpers to help achieve a fuller lip. Facial features like the eyes have also been analyzed and categorized. People of Asian descent typically have slender eyes. Asians have often been mocked for their slender and sometimes slanted eye shape.
People uses differences between themselves and others to help promote and elevate their own beauty “but by and large a short leg is just a short leg” (Foster 21).
Body hair was meant to keep our bodies warm, protect our skin, and keep our
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Although body hair is something found in our biological makeup, different societies have developed standards on how body hair should be taken care of. In many cultures it is considered masculine to have a lot of facial and body hair. Men are expected to keep their body hair. Most men who shave their body hair are labeled or considered homosexual due to shavings feminine stereotype. Due to this women began removing certain areas of hair to match the perceived standards of femininity. In some cultures shaving is not as important as it is in others. But in the American culture women are expected to shave their underarms, legs, and pubic area. American women typically pay to get their eyebrows shaped and also pay to remove other facial hair. Women who choose to leave their hair are considered dirty and manly. Many men would refuse sexual contact with a woman who does not shave her pubic area. This connection between femininity and lack of body hair causes women to feel pressured to buy products and pay for procedures to remove their…show more content…
African American women have always be shamed for their coarse and coily hair. This biological “imperfection” has led to African American women's desire for straight and smooth hair. This led to African American women’s “never ending battle of straightening combs, permanents, relaxers, and anything that would promise straight hair” (Camp 697). African American women’s natural hair was considered to be “bedhead” and viewed as unkempt. African American women began covering their hair when it was not straightened to avoid being criticized for who they naturally
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