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Body Image By Andrea M. for Ms. Middaugh’s American lit class Don 't change your body to get respect from society. Instead let 's change society to respect our bodies. -Golda Poretsky The media needs to stop being the judge of what beauty is because everyone is pressured to look like the photoshopped version of the people the media portrays. Bad body imaging can lead to mental and eating disorders, and “fear of becoming fat” has become a common phenomenon. Body image by definition is an individual 's concept of his or her own body. It’s how they see themselves and think others see them as well. Everyone has a body image where it is good or bad but more and more we are seeing body image issues lead into disorders. Our body images are often influenced by the people we care about, people we aspire to be and people we want to impress. All too often the people we want to be are photoshopped, thin and “beautiful” and utterly unattainable. And the people we want to impress are the bullies that tell us we will never be good enough for them. I think stopping the problem of Body image issues needs to start at home when your children are young. Often body image begins at a young age, around the time kids turn 5 and begins school. Some things that can make kids think about the way they look are not always obviously bad. For instance action figures, padded muscle costumes and barbie dolls. These things can be fun but are very unrealistic. The padded suits promote the thought

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