Body and Mind Connection: How All Aspects of Health Affect Learning

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The connection between the mind and body is more than muscle, connective tissue, and nerves. Each system of the body affects each other, contributing to the total health of an individual. Every aspect of health affects the way a person learns, feels, and performs. It is important have a healthy body, sound emotional state, and solid psychological state to learn and perform at the highest level of capability. The psychological aspect builds upon the emotional, and emotional upon the physical. Each plays an important role and acts as building blocks for having a sound body and mind; a holistic approach. A mind cannot learn without having the proper nutrients and physical health required for a task - these dietary requirements start at birth. Children who have a healthier diet from birth score higher on basic tests- they also read, think, and express themselves better at earlier and older ages (Jensen, 2005). This goes the same with having an active cardiovascular and muscular routine. Maintaining a higher level of cardiovascular health helps improve the body and mind and has positive effects on maladies such as anxiety and depression (Kita, 2014). This effect is compounded when seen in active adults. Adults that participate in cardiovascular fitness activities prevent neural atrophy and facilitate better memory and retention (Kita, 2014). A person in good physical shape will be healthier, not only in a physical aspect, but also in the emotional aspect. A

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