Boeing Business Analysis

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Boeing Business Analysis MGT/ 521 10/10/11 Boeing Business Analysis Before take the decision whether or not invest money in a company it is imperative to analyze the overall situation of the company. Boeing was selected for study because, as representing American big business at the millennium, the company was reputable an unsullied by financial scandals. Boeing is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, sale and support of the commercial jetliners, military aircraft, satellites, missile defense systems and services. Boeing is situated in the 36th position out to the fortune 500 which is very suitable however as the economy is changing it is imperative to perform a SWOT analysis in deep in order to know the company…show more content…
Shareholders: The shareholders expectation is to obtain a profit and superior return on their assets. External stakeholders Government: which is the primary corporate stakeholder and the final arbiter of what corporations must do and Boeing is aware of their necessities. Because government is constantly changing and no government last forever, Boeing is entailed to complete all government ordinances such as taxes, employment law, international relationship, quality on their military instruments etc. Customers: Boeing deals whit its customers in a fair and impartial manner their business are won or lost on the merits of Boeing products and services making special efforts and focus on providing customers whit accurate and valid information. Communities: Corporate citizenship is the responsibility of the entire Boeing community. The Boeing Company recognizes the critical role it plays in the many diverse communities where they have presence, and they take that role seriously. Their sustained involvement in the community is an important element of Boeing culture and integral part of the way they do business. Boeing maintains their commitment to good citizenship by contributing cash, in-kind and surplus donations, and the expertise of our people. Also, they support programs that encourage the charitable generosity and
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