Boeing and Supply Chain Structural Improvements Essay

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Learning Plan 6 Graded Assignment: Boeing Read the profile of Boeing and the company’s 787 Dreamliner found in your textbook. This profile serves as an excellent example of how a company used an infrastructure change to improve its supply chain. In making this improvement, which of the five ways of implementing an infrastructure change, identified in section 10.6 of your text, did Boeing employ? Do a little research on your own to identify a company that has used the second main approach (i.e., a structural change) commonly employed by organizations to improve their supply chains. Write a brief profile of the company you’ve selected following the pattern of the Boeing profile you’ve just examined. The profile should be one to two pages…show more content…
Essentially the change it made was number three in the listing detailed in section 10.6 of our text – it “changed the configuration of factories, warehouses, or retail locations.” When work usually performed internally, is delegated to another firm, the company is said to outsource the work. Such is the case in the construction of the Boeing 787. The companies involved include Messier-Bughatti of France, Rolls Royce of the UK, Alenia Aeronatuica of Italy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan and Chjengdu Aircraft Group of China. This outsourcing decision means that 85% of the construction of this aircraft is supplied by strategic supply partners of Boeing. Those parts are eventually shipped to the Boeing plant in Washington by road, rail, sea and plane for final assembly of the Dreamliner. There are several other ways to make supply chain improvements. One of those ways includes the pursuit of major process simplification. This is used to improve supply chains when the processes have become so complex or so out of date that they are no longer cost efficient or no longer effective to maintain. It is said that a clean-slate approach is taken when the new processes are designed from scratch without any consideration of the former process methods. This overhaul includes not only major changes to the production itself but also includes changes made in the way the business
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