Boethius Use Of Imagery In Philosophy

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In the chapter VII, Philosophy focuses on the concept of glory, which she regards it as the last but the most intractable illness she has to cure. The reason why it is intractable is due to the effect of the glory over minds. For example, she says the glory is “…last infirmity, which is able to allure minds…”(22) The usage of the verb “allure” is important because the verb actually reflects the incapability of human beings. Whatever they do, they are distracted and disappointed when it comes to the love of glory. In a way, Philosophy answers to Boethius’ complaint at the beginning. Here is her answer “You are unnecessarily distressed because you believe when you lose your fame before the authorities, you will also lose everything.” Thus in the whole chapter, Philosophy induces Boethius to think glory as unsubstantial since when he does understand the triviality of the glory, she supposes that he will also realize the futility of his distress and he will be consoled.
In the first paragraph, she uses some contrasting words together. While she envisions a “grand” universe, she degrades the place we are living into “a mere fraction”. By describing the glory with the …show more content…

Maybe in Rome, Boethius could be seen as disgraceful due to the charges against him but in other parts of the world, people may not care what he is accused of at all. Therefore, the concept of glory becomes irrelative. Here is her another soothing message “Why do you grieve for something that is subject to change?” and again, she implicitly goes very personal because, as you remember, Boethius came this place from a different part of the country and he is a stranger for the people who accuses him. Philosophy, I think, reminds Boethius that he should not worry about their ideas upon glory since they are neither absolute nor

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