Bohon's Arguments Against Abortion

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Considering all the contradicting views from the many different perspectives from the articles, “Adoption: The Best Form Of Protection” written by Whitney A. Reitz ,and the article, ¨Standard Practice of Murder” written by Dave Bohon that gives support to the cause of adoption over abortion. From the different point of views there are plenty of facts that supports either claims of opinion on the subject of abortion, such as some articles give reasons why abortion is necessary ,and the other articles give example how is adoption is more humane than abortion. In several situations abortion is considered acceptable through many reasons, in the article ¨Why Doctors Need Not Prosecution for Gender-related Abortions¨ written …show more content…

The safest way to conduct an abortion is within 12-13 weeks of pregnancy, and abortion is usually done with prescribed pills that will terminate the pregnancy (Induced Abortion in the United States). Unfortunately, many women wait to perform an surgical procedure of abortion, which specialists use their unique tools to force the developing human fetus out of the womb through the vagina. Out of 1851 women who were recorded that performed the abortion procedure, 29.6% of the women had admitted to their own guilt of have their procedure(Why Doctors Need Not Fear Prosecution for Gender-Related Abortions, 2). Many would not recommend the procedure due to the high risks that the operation has on a woman such as, infections, excessive bleeding, and may ruin the womanś ability to ever have children again. That's why adoption is considered the best option if the mother does not want the unborn child rather terminating it for the mother's own convenience. One of the reasons why women in other countries such as China, abuse the right to perform an abortion is due to they are not satisfied with the sex of the child ,and in China they prefer males over females due to the fact that the males can carry the family name. Thus adoption was originally created to be a temporary situation for the children without anyone to call parents and even though their is always a child out there waiting to be adopted is better than being aborted without any say in the situation. In 2012, children who were put up for adoption have left foster care ,and had 50.7% return home with either their parents or relatives. As for abortion is considered an easy way out of the consequence of having intercourse and if putting the child in foster care may give the child a better home and future. Adoption is the second best choice

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