Boohoo: A Case Study

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Boohoo, I am pleased to say I have been a faithful customer for your online store for about two years. I love that you provide affordable and trending clothes for men, children, and young adult women like myself to feel confident and pretty. I am always looking forward to your newsletter that include exclusive offers and latest trends in your store. Your new winter collection recently stocked and I had the pleasure to order clothes early January. However, there were a few issues with my recent order. The winter collection was a joy to shop through for it is my favorite season of clothing. I purchased seven items in my shopping cart, including jackets, sweaters, and jeans. I specifically paid extra for Express shipping which takes 2-3 days to receive my order. Unfortunately, the shipping took an entire month. I tracked my package a couple of times to locate my…show more content…
I recommend that all your shipping times needs to correspond with its appropriate description. For instances, Express shipping is 2-3 days as Standard shipping is 5-10 days. If Boohoo has someone to distinguish the difference in standard shipping from express shipping, they should categorize their orders in terms of shipping option and email an update on the customer's package until delivery. Because it is an Express shipping, this does not mean the clothes need to rush for delivery. I have worked in retail on a busy day before and I understand sometimes faster means sloppy. However, the of packaging orders should work diligently to supply the correct order. I will return and exchange the two long-sleeve shirts and sweater dress for my correct size. These few adjustments will make a lot of customers who had similar issues appreciate your customer service in the future. I would love to continue shopping at Boohoo and not have to leave my faithful two years of serving as a customer
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