Book Report On The Book ' Animals '

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For the read aloud, I read in Mrs. Johnson’s 1st grade classroom. Mrs. Johnson teaches at Copeland Elementary School, a school that I regularly volunteer and substitute at. The book I read was Animals in Winter by !add author! and illustrated by !add illustrator!. I had three different age-appropriate books that I prepared to read and communicated with the teacher on which one would be best. The teacher mentioned they were studying animals and that her 1st graders had taken interest in them. Therefore, I chose the book that related most to animals within the context of their grade level. To introduce the book, I introduced the title and author and asked the students who liked animals to engage interest. After a few students had told their favorite animal, I asked the students what they think animals do in winter. We brainstormed a few ideas such as, they put on coats, they hibernate, or they use their fur to keep warm. After brainstorming, I asked the students if they wanted to know what animals that live near by do for winter. For the read aloud, I feel that I kept in a varied pace throughout the book that matched the readings. For example, in one part of the book, it mentions a sleeping bear and how the heart slows down. During that part, I read the words slowly, and put emphasis on each word. The varied pace that matches the readings helped the student to keep attention. In addition to pace, I feel my pitch was appropriate for the book. The book did not contain any…

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