Book Report : People Over Profit

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Romaine D. Nuyda
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By Dale Partridge


Dale Partridge’s book had a quote from George Orwell, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” This statement says a lot about how the book sees our current business practices, acknowledges it, and gives us a few tips as to why valuing people over profit results to real entrepreneurial success. Partridge started with a short story of how his visit to the physician made him realize the unethical practices in most, if not all, businesses today. He was asked to wait for his physician for more than an hour, but was surprised when the actual consultation lasted only 3 minutes tops. He felt as is his time was completely disregarded and was dishonored as he look at the numerous people still waiting outside for a 3-minute talk. This reflects the state most of our industries are in today. Those who tend to lower product or service quality to maximize their profits, without considering their customers.

He saw an opportunity for “Social Good Movement” or “Conscious Capitalism” where customers pay more for more ethical standards and better quality products or services. Some of these SGM or Conscious Capitalism companies include Trader Joe’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Whole Foods and TOMS. Inspired by these, Partridge started his own social enterprise, Sevenly. His company focuses on selling quality goods, and for every purchase he donates seven dollars to their
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