Wgu Ethical Situations in Business Task 1

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Ethical Situations in Business Task 1

John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods once said "Business social responsibility should not be coerced; it is a voluntary decision that the entrepreneurial leadership of every company must make on its own." (Mackey, 2005) In today’s society it is increasingly common for businesses to actively identify and become directly involved in the country and the global social issues and needs. It is now common

place for companies to market this information alongside of their logos, as a TV commercial and on the products they sell. When a company does not resemble its competitors it really stands out and

unfortunately this is where we find Company Q. In the exercise Company Q is described as a small, local
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cutting edge. Company Q should consider a partnership with the local food bank who has asked for their day old products. Meeting with the group and creating a comprehensive plan that would gain positive The food bank Choice is abundant in most markets in today's society and companies have to stay on the

impacts for both the business and the non-profit organization would be quite simple.

could offer a volunteer to pick up the day old product from the store and the store in turn could create an accountability system between the store and food bank. numerous. The opportunities with the partnership are

The store could create a marketing plan to share opportunities for patrons to give to the The food bank in return could add the stores

food bank by purchasing items from within the store.

logo and other information about the store to handouts or brochures that might be given to their patrons and/or donors. It would be important for the two entities to meet on a yearly basis to review

the partnership and share the results with the local community. Company Q, might want to consider conscientious capitalism. Conciouncious capitalism seems

to be a more holistic approach that allows social responsonsibilty to be embedded in every decision or process of the company rather than just picking up a "ball ( cause)" and carrying it around to just enhance their brand. It would allow for the company to change the thought

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