Book Report in Micheal Pollan´s Book

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What will you have for dinner? This question is harder than what it seems. Eating may seem to be a simple act, a thing not to be worried about. This may be true for animals such as koala: if it looks, smells, and tastes like eucalyptus, it is good. But it is not the case for humans. We have such a large array of options that the act of choosing the food we are going to eat is indeed difficult. On top of that, there is another problem. Unless you grow it yourself, you do not exactly know where food comes from. In his book, Michael Pollan, by embarking the reader into a discovery journey, explains both of this topics using his research and experience.

PART ONE: “Industrial/Corn”__________ In this first section of his book, Pollan begins by examining the food-production system from which most American meals derive. This industrial food chain is largely based on corn. According to Pollan, we could say that we are “walking corn” as most of industrial food traces its origins to corn whether it is fed to livestock or processed into products such as corn syrup or ethanol. He also explains how this plant spread from Mexico to the entire world by biological, cultural, and economic factors. To finish this part of the book, he explains how wrong we are when we eat industrialized food or fast food and say that we eat a variety of food. He supports this fact by using, as an example, a McDonald’s meal, which items contain a high
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