Book Review of Frankenstein by Marry Shelly

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FULL TITLE: Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus
AUTHOR: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
GENRE: Gothic science fiction, Gothic Horror, Gothic Romance
TIME AND PLACE WRITTEN: Switzerland, 1816, and London, 1816–1817
SETTING (TIME): Eighteenth century
SETTING (PLACE): Geneva, the Swiss Alps, Ingolstadt, England and Scotland, the northern ice
PUBLISHER: Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, & Jones This is the cover of the Novel. It shows the horrific monster created by Victor Frankenstein. The writer explains the monster’s eyes as ‘pale yellow eyes’. The said phrase is used as a symbol in the novel by the
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His ship gets stranded for a few days when a sheet of ice forms all around it. To his amazement, he and his crew see a gigantic man about 8 feet tall driving a dog sledge across the ice until it disappears in the distance. A little later he sees a normal man chasing the first one. This man is almost dead from exhaustion so they take him on board. The man is victor Frankenstein. Walton becomes friends with him. While Frankenstein is recovering, he tells Walton his story. Frankenstein grew in Geneva. His father had been an important figure in the government and they were well off. Frankenstein went to a famous university where he became very good at science. He figured out scientifically how to bring something to life and eventually succeeded by using body parts from graveyard mixed with strange chemicals and gave it a Human form. On a rainy night in November he brings it to life. He is so horrified by this creature that he runs away. The next day his friend Henry arrived at university to begin his studies but Frankenstein became ill. Henry spends all winter nursing him. Just as he was getting better in spring, he got a letter telling him his little brother William was murdered so he heads home. After some time, one day Victor went on mountain climbing alone. The monster appeared to him and made him sit down and listen to his story. Then the tale follows a tragedy with story of treachery, love, revenge and finally
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