Book Vs Movie Research Paper

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What would you choose? Would you stay or go? Well, that's what Mia is facing. Mia is a 17 year old cello player who had an audition to Juilliard, a rock star boyfriend, a future ahead of her. That was until she was in a car accident. Now she has lost her mom, dad, and brother. She doesn't know whether to stay or go at this point. The main character's in the book is Mia, Adam(Mia's boyfriend), Kim(Mia's best friend), Mia’s mom, dad, brother Teddy, and her gramps. Although there are major differences between the book and the movie, each equally enjoyable. For various reasons I like the book and the movie equally because it shows the relationships with the characters differently. In this paragraph I will be giving examples as to why the book is better …show more content…

I prefer the movie because it shows a strong connection just by a glance between Gramps and Mia’s spirit. “‘So I just wanted to tell you that I understand if you go. It's okay if you have to leave us. It's okay if you want to stop fighting.’” (pg 181) In the movie Gramps says this same line, but after he looks over and it's almost as if he can see Mia’s spirit. I prefer this part in the book over the movie because it has more detail. “And by the time he dropped me off from the Yo-Yo-Ma concert, I think we were both aware that we we falling in love.” (pg 54) In the book it shows Mia and Adam falling in love, as in the movie, it jumps right into it. I equally enjoy the book and the movie because in the end they didn't change the ending. Mia wakes up in both the movie and the book. She can hear Adam as well as her actual body. The relationships with the characters are different in the book and movie, but makes the movie and book both enjoyable. The relationships are different in the book and movie. It was a refreshing change seeing the differences between the book and movie. If you're going to read the book or watch the movie, do

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