If I Stay Book Vs Movie Essay

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There are two types of people in this world, those who prefer to read a book, and those who would rather watch the movie. Those who would rather watch the movie fight the case that the movie is just like the book and it is less time consuming, so there is really no point in reading. For those who have the passion of reading, they fight a different case. When reading a book, there are details enlisted that put more meaning behind what is being read, it makes it easier to connect to the story. For the book lovers, movies typically do no justice to a book. The movie, If I Stay, was just recently released, it is a popular love story based on a teenage girl, Mia, who is a talented cellist. She has a loving family and boyfriend, Adam, as well as the potential to go to Julliard for her musical talents. Then everything changes when she and her family are involved in a car wreck taking the lives of her mother, father, and brother, and leaving her in critical condition. She …show more content…

The building up to the last scene is similar to the book but the final moments make the difference. As Adam is giving his speech for Mia to stay, she rapidly starts to flash back through her life and she sees the bright light. Right as the screen goes completely white, she opens her eyes for she has decided to stay, then the movie is over. It shows the fate she decided but nothing past her awakening. There are those who find more enjoyment in reading, and there are those who would rather watch the movie. If I Stay, the movie and the book are both similar in many ways but there are some distinct differences between the two. The main focus and the ending are two of the differences that are displayed between the two. Whether or not it is read or watched, the story line is the same. The differences make the two unique in their own way and make it possible for the fans of the story to decide whether or not they would rather watch or

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