Books Are Better Than Paper Books

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Did a person know that each year, “Approximately 30 million trees are used to make books all over the United States” (Pollak)? Americans have been exposed to books every day since we were able to read. Interestingly, many people still prefer paper books over the new modern way of reading called an E-book. Many readers feel that they can connect better to the paper version. Paper and E-books depend on natural resources, size, prices, and abilities. What would the reader buy: the modern E-Book or old school paper books? With many people today still enjoying paper books, they don’t realize the harm it causes the environment. When trees are cut down to make paper, oxygen can no longer be made. This can have huge effects on us and our world. One way to help reduce the number of trees being cut down is to recycle or purchase recycled books only. “A paper book takes up about 2/3 pounds of recycled paper and two gallons of water. The environment is taking up 7.5 kilograms of Co2 and using two-kilowatt hours of fossil fuels” (CustomMade).
Some may say that paper books hurt the environment because of destroying trees but E-books need electricity in order to work. So, which is worse? E-book needs to be charged to read, therefore a person cannot recycle since its technology-based book. When seeking deeper in how they kill the world, “One E-book uses 33 pounds of toxic and conflict minerals with 79 gallons of water which is 35.84 kilograms. Also, is using 65 pounds of Co2 with

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