Bottega Veneta Case Study

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Luxury management
Bottega Veneta Case Study



1-1. PPR

PPR is French based corporation which has business area over Luxury fashion business, Sport business, book & electric product retail, online fashion retail, and movies. With regard to fashion business, it has 8 brands including GUCCI.

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A couple brands form PPR’s portfolio

1-2. PPR financial statements

The total group revenue increased from €11.0 billion to €12.2 billion or 11%. The luxury fashion business sector is responsible for 40% of the total revenues of the group, and grew by 18%. Bottega represents 25% of the luxury division of the PPR group.


1-3. History of the Bottega Veneta brand

Michele Taddei and
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Bottega Veneta then drew up a contract on how marketing, PR and buying etc. should be done. Imagegroup can decide what to buy for the store but they always guidelines from the head office on which things should be bought. These guidelines are based on latest advertising campaigns, classical products and which seasonal products that needs to be enhanced. Usually the collection gives a good overall impression on how the collection should be portrayed.
Imagegroup has responsibilities and obligations towards Bottega Veneta. The store needs to feel like the other Bottega Veneta stores around the world and maintain their level of service. They have an obligation to make sure that the communication towards customers and press is according to their standard. When it comes to franchising and partner agreements there are clauses about marketing, PR and buying that comes along with it. For example; Imagegroup can be offered a discount on royalties and buying if they take care of the marketing and PR for Bottega Veneta for that specific country.
Imagegroup has to send Bottega Veneta reports on advertising, buying, PR and display on a weekly or monthly basis. Bottega Veneta’s head office makes 2-3 visits every season, where employees holding different functions in the company come to review the stores in its different aspects.

3-3. Bottega Veneta in China

55% of Bottega’s business is in Asia, 45% includes the U.S. and Europe. While most of the success in Asia is
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