Brain Plasticity: A Cognitive Ability Study

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There has been an old idea that the high cognitive ability is the only way to reach success. But the discovery of the brain plasticity, the brain can reshape itself due to the life requirements, changed those old thoughts, and which leads to discovering the character traits such as perseverance, which is essential elements to success. On the one hand, study believes that higher level of cognitive ability gives you tremendous benefits and a diverse life (Hambrick and Meinz 2011). On the other hand, the discovery of brain plasticity, altering the function of the brain due to life experiences, leads to the development of a personal characteristic such as grit which is a necessary way to reach success (Doidg 2010). This essay will focus on the…show more content…
Research done by Duckworth (2014), was conducted involving people from different careers and abilities. Wondering why these individuals can operate under severe conditions and are expected to continue to work. Also, wondering how these people keep following their dreams despite the difficulties and barriers. In all those different contacts and queries, grit indicates an important feature of success. The study showed that there are many factors to success, but grit is an essential and necessary element that will always drive you towards your goals. So, all these studies observe that in each area you need to put a significant amount of time, effort and overcome the obstacles to achieve…show more content…
People who live with grit do not feel afraid to face difficulties, and working hard to reach their dreams regularly and carefully. Grit is following the future goals under harsh condition, and overcome obstacles with a firm resolve Duckworth (2014). According to Dweck (2013), People with a growth mindset can develop their abilities through hard work. In opposing, position people with higher IQ enjoyed higher education and greater degrees (Tanner 2015). Also, the intellectual abilities are more important as it provides you more chances in life (Hambrick and Meinz 2011). Moreover, Oden's research into Terman's data (Tanner 2015) which showed that not all the children with high IQ were successful in life, and these kids with dynamic personalities traits can be more successful in their lives. Therefore, the idea of high cognitive ability is not always correct. In fact, not only the people who were born with intelligence they can reach success. Studies show that people can achieve success if they work hard and long enough. According to Dweck (2013) and Duckworth (2014) People can be successful if they focus on their goals and work toward them. Also, these people need support and encouragement until they reach their
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