Brand Position Of John Lewis

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Brand Position according to Kotler & Keller is “the act of designing the company’s offer and image that will occupy a distinct and valued place in the mind of the target market”. John Lewis is positioned as a brand that has something for everyone to have for the lowest price between them and their competitors. They have lines of products for all ages, gender, sizes and species. They stay on top of their prices and have a price promise to match a product price if found cheaper elsewhere.
John Lewis use people of all ages, genders and ethnicity in their advertisements to capture the emotions in their Christmas Advertisements, they also include dogs, cats and birds to get the message that it is a brand for everyone out there. For example, in 2011 the advert showed a little boy watching the clocks waiting for Christmas morning to come, throughout the advert you see him trying to make time go by quicker. Initially you believe …show more content…

Another point of difference for the brand is that it offers free delivery for consumers that live within a 30 mile radius of a John Lewis department store. They ensure enough vehicles are out to deliver all products on time to provide all services and deliveries that their customers expect. A very important point of difference for the John Lewis brand is that employees are known as partners as each one owns part of the business, each have a stake in the business and share the bonus that is created. This was set up in 2006, it benefits consumers as the partners are now more involved and have a more can-do attitude towards their work, they are more engaged and more inclined to do their best to deliver the best possible service for

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