Brave New World Literary Devices

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In the book, Brave New World, the author, Aldous Huxley, creates and alternated world in the 1930’s to show us how political and society were during that year. There was a lot of cruel, violence, segregations compare to the world in BNW. He also uses many literary devices to tell use what his society looks like during the 1930’s. During this time the WWii was going on and this was a big deal to the world because there was a lot of dramas and other dangerous things going on. Some of those devices are simile, details, metaphor...
One major event was people being considerate about others instead on themselves. One of the literary devices that Aldous Huxley uses is metaphor to give us a description of what is happening to Lenina and how she acts, also help her remind her who the real Lenina is. “Lenina liked the drums. Shutting her eyes she abandoned herself to their soft repeated thunder, allowed it to invade her consciousness more and more completely, till at last there was nothing left in the world but that one deep pulse of sound. It reminded her reassuringly of the synthetic noises made at Solidarity Services and Ford’s Day celebrations. “Orgy-porgy,” she whispered to herself.
These drums beat out just the same rhythms “ (107-8). Lenina is thinking deep about herself and what she is really like. She also think about her inner self and listening to the repeated beats over and over it reminds her of the Solidarity Services. Aldous Huxley is comparing this to today’s
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